The evolution of Science and Technology

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Science and technology have great influence in human life since their inception. A lot of technological advancements have been taking place day by day, and which clearly reflect on peoples life styles both positively and negatively.This essay focuses on some pros and cons of technological advancements, and asserts the need of reducing the precarious outcome of it for the rise of a risk free society in future.

Technology is considered to be the one,is developed to reduce the effort of people.Which provides countless visible advantages for human beings. It is conspicuous that from paper clips to ultra-modern space crafts work on the principles of science and technology. Moreover,people are much relay on the benefits of this and a life with out computers, vehicles and other tech-applications is unable to imagine.Thus it is obvious that, now the human life runs with the beats of these advancements.

However,at the same pace technology brings some threats to people.For instance,the inventions of weapons especially nuclear war gadgets are extremely dangerous for the existence of the entire life forms on earth. In addition to that, an increased use of motor vehicles causes the contamination of our ecosystem, and thereby which directs certain problems such as global warming and unsteady climates.So the in appropriate application of these advancements will lead us to tremendous problems.

To my mind, the appropriate use of technology by taking the positive effects and by ignoring the cons, can bring about great changes in our life styles. By promoting global peace by anti war campaigns can counter the use of weapons.Also, making an awareness in individuals about the hazardous outcome of increased fuel emission from automobiles can be instrumental in avoiding threats associated with global warming.

In a conclusion, the advantages and disadvantages of science and technology is purely depend up on the way in which which is applied. If it uses for goodness then...
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