The Heart and Mind in Decision-Making

Topics: Cognition, Psychology, Philosophy Pages: 1 (414 words) Published: July 6, 2013
Title: Dear Diary: My Heart is racing to buy a car

I chose “Dear Diary: My Heart is racing to buy a car” to reflect and it seems interesting to me because it is one of the very unusual and common human trait to decide upon the conflict between calls from heart and mind. This is a situation which almost every human faces one day or the other. Jamie had an average financial background though when he saw his dream car he was moved to an extent that he thought of sacrificing his professional and personal needs to live his dream owning a red Mustang with powerful engine sound. It is always challenging to decide upon the conflict that arises because of intuition and logic. I believe a good and influential leader is one who can firmly decide upon the conflict between intuition and logic and takes decisions in interest of oneself and the group of people he is leading. The decision may also be influenced by the values and behavior of particular leader. There should be a sense of balance between two calls which has to be looked upon with all perspective. I was in same dilemma as Jamie when I passed my secondary exam and I was supposed to choose major between math and biology in higher secondary. To overcome the confusion upon the choices I took help from my dad and logically we concluded that I should take math as major and look for career in engineering. The second concept which was underlined throughout the case was that though he was aware of both the pros and cons of buying of both the cars but he tried to seek help from others in deciding rather than sticking to his own decision. A good leader should have the right attitude to seek suggestion upon his/her decision if he/she is being acted upon heart versus mind conflict. A successful leader also seeks suggestion from peer groups for answers. To conclude I believe that mind analyses things logically and strives to arrive at a decision. If the analysis leads to confusion then ask your heart as it is as logical as...
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