The Honda Element

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The Honda Element

Honda which is a professional product platform is an extremely famous Japanese automaker. Honda is also the largest motorcycle manufacturers of all over the world. Moreover, vehicle production and scale are among the largest car manufacturers of the world. Nowadays, Honda is a multinational automobile, motorcycle production and sales group. In addition, Honda in the United States is representative of the popular. According to the article introduce that the technology, publicity, and ideas of Honda, the Element, the new light truck, that applied its expertise in product platforms. Furthermore, Honda's mode of operation is very flexible that embodied in the light truck, Element. Many kinds of their cars of Honda were popular with most people. However, no young men appealed them. Therefore, the product team of Honda was compelling new design. They made a clear positioning statement that the Element is for the single individual with freely and uncommon lifestyle. Moreover, the top management of Honda support that four design themes which were adaptability, authenticity, functionality, and attitude were identified for the Element. The Element success is also in their particular advertising. They broke the traditional ideas of advertisement to show their more characteristic, design, and technology to give more tangible benefits for the customers. Because they had four subsystems were used by exterior, interior, suspension, and power train, the Element was a unique design. For example, the exterior of Element, the unique side doors, clamshell tailgate, extra durability, saving oil, good engine be popular with groups of young men and energetic men. The product team of Honda not only did enough market research and obtaining feedback but also used technology in a technical reformation on the platform. Therefore, they realized success of the new product. The particular advertising, using technology in a technical reformation on the platform, and giving...
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