The Influence of Japan’s Technologies

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The Influence of Japan’s Technologies

Japan’s science and technology has grown and has influenced this growth on a global scale. | introduction
Japan has always been thought to be the world leader in global technology. The reason for such advancement is within the Japanese dedication and culture; they are a country with very strong ethical work ideas and are dedicated to their work ethic. There legal 8 hour work day does not end at 5 pm or last 5 hours but continues well into the night most working from 9 to 9. This is considered normal in order to achieve success within your company. Because in Japan, there is an unwritten but widely practiced law of lifetime employment, employees see working the extra hours as part of the company’s growth. Thus liberated from the fear of layoff or dismissal, the employee is free to be totally loyal to the company.

The Japanese electronics industry is very successful. Japanese companies are the world leaders in the production of compact disc players, video cameras, laptop computers, fax machines, photocopiers, cell phones and various key computer components. Japan is regarded as paving the ground for a wide variety of new products and technologies. Japanese electronics manufacturers are known for producing a wide variety of products lines, including televisions, mobile phone handsets and personal computers even if they have a low market share for each product. Consumer electronics account for a third of Japan’s economic output. In today's marketplace products like computers are made up of components that are often produced or assembled in a dozen or more countries. One thing that has kept many Japanese companies strong is the fact that declining sales in final products like cameras and DVD players have been offset by the strong sales of important components (like CD ROM players, memory chips, liquid crystal display screens and batteries for notebook computers) and production and manufacturing machinery (like...
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