The Modern Manager

Topics: Technology, Person, Morality Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: August 16, 2013
The Modern Manager

The classic management approach mostly involves the meeting of needs and wants between the people working and the consumers. This is the management that is common for the people to do physical labor. In this way, the classic manager is responsible mostly in making these needs and wants of the people. He also has the authority over someone to meet his purpose as a manager. During this time, there is no clear distinction between a manager and a leader; wherein sometimes these two concepts are interchangeable.

On the other hand, the modern manager is the person who always follows the trends of technology. He uses these gadgets and machines to oversee his duties over the area. He is also responsible for the progress of the society, wherein he is the man of actions, while the leader is the man of visions. The manager applies everything being envisioned by the leader to achieve progress. However, progress is not just about making profit, developing, producing the wants of the people and following trends; but it is also about contributing to the development of the individuals as human persons. The progress of the individuals in the contemporary time is lacking that makes them less moral and ethical. The modern manager is always associated with the material or technology and not with his virtues. This is the problem that the society must correct.

In this way, the modern manager has a better image and reputation by identifying him with his virtues in work that can also lead to an excellent outcome of product and good work environment. This balances everything between the progress of our nature or surroundings and progress of every person. The real goal of a modern manager is not just to meet the target number of sales or products but it is also to provide a good character to every employee and his customers. The role of a manager in the modern world is to start a civilization, which man is the center of all beings and everything else...
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