The Negative Effects of Technology

Topics: Unemployment, Technology, Telephone Pages: 3 (886 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Andrew Talsma
Amanda Kornacki
English 111
6 February 2013
Negative Effects of Technology
How often do you use technology? Probably quite a bit more than you actually realize. Technology has had a drastic impact on our day to day life. While most people praise technology as a positive advancement, or progression, in many ways it has had a negative effect on society. Today’s technology has made people lazy, and less willing to put forth effort, it has created a generation of teenagers who are more concerned about their internet world than the real one around them, and it has become an enormous influence on the countries unemployment rate.

Technology makes our coffee in the morning, heats our left overs, and even clears our driveways of snow. Technology has almost made the physical part of working obsolete. While it may make our lives easier, at the same time, it makes us as a society lazy. Why strain ourselves climbing a flight of stairs, when you could simply press the button for the elevator and be carried to your destination? Unfortunately, this is the thought process of many people today. By not applying ourselves, we lose that sense of accomplishment that we used to get from finishing a task. We’d rather take the easy way out than work for what we want. A perfect example is a picture I’ve seen floating around on the internet. The image shows a set of stairs with and escalator on each side of it, one going up, and one going down, both leading up to a work out facility. How impractical is it to have an escalator at a place that is supposed to be used for exercise, and hard physical work? This just shows that people have lost their ambition to get something done, or to feel accomplished. Now we’d rather be as lazy as possible unless we absolutely have to put forth some effort.

It is somewhat ironic that the advances we worked so greatly to achieve are the same ones that are contributing to the social decline of today’s generation. Before there was the...
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