The role of technology in organizational change

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Analyzing life is like watching through several sets of glasses, each with it’s own collour and focal lenght, changing the way of how we view things and altering the knowledge we gather. Having this abstract perspective of the perception of the world, different theories are created and postulated, because for each position that centers their world view is different and therefore what draws their attention does not necessarily have the same degree of impact from another perspective. Taking these perspectives into account when describing how theories apprehend and grasp something such as organizational change and technology’s role in this proccess, is very important as it provides knowledge into what their position is and their point of focus. As it is stated in Oxford Dictionaries, technology can be deffined as: the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry - machinery and devices developed from scientific knowledge. Regarding the role of technology in relation to organizational change give rise to the next questions which are the main themes of study: - do organizations evolve simultaneously with technology? - is it easy to implement new technologies into organisations? We can formulate the folowing preconceptions: technology is changing very rapidly and this changes seem to be accelerating, while organizational changes - how people think and behave, are still hard and slow. According to Moore’s Law of the exponential growth of computing power, , Metcalfe’s Law of the exponential value of interconnections on expanding networks, and Kurzweil's Law of accelerating returns - technology advances exponentially, while organizations absorb changes logarithmically. It takes time for people to alter their thinking and change their behavior. When it comes about groups of people, where there are existing structures, processes,...
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