The Romantic Era and Its Goals

Topics: Middle Ages, Europe, Philosophy Pages: 1 (313 words) Published: March 10, 2007
In the late eighteenth century the European population began a radical philosophical revolution, later known as the Romantic Movement. Following the Enlightenment and Industrial era, Europe had experienced rapid industrialization and a lengthy wartime at the cost of its population. Wishing to free themselves from years of harsh life, Europeans began to focus their everyday life on aspects set away from the enlightenment and industrialization, mainly pro-logical thought. The romantics focused on individuality, religion, nature, and peaceful times in their history.

Romantics idealized aspects of their lives through their literature and paintings. They focused more upon the unruly and dangerous parts of nature, seeming unique and driven from God. Artists found beauty in danger, as well as the mixture of industrialization and nature. The combination brought a serene aura to life, while still reminding the onlooker of reality. Many works show aspects of medieval life such as the peace and order of the time and its strong religious. These pictures brought out the ideals of romanticism.

Breaking from the scientific and logical focus of the Enlightenment and Industrial era, Religion played a key part in the Romantic Movement. Two main aspects of religion appealed to Romantics, its connection to the middle ages and inability to be explained. Religion contained aspects only explainable through god, and united its followers together in common belief. The church and religion had provided a law system during the Middle Ages and in doing so became a symbol of order and tranquility.

The Romantic Movement shifted focus from scientific area to those such as nature and religion which represented order and illogical thought. Religion was a unifying aspect for romantics and a force of law. History showed the peace and glory of ages past, while nature took tranquility, power, and mysticism to light. Romantics found peace in these areas and used them to escape their own...
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