The Teachings of Thales

Topics: Philosophy, Thales, Pre-Socratic philosophy Pages: 1 (345 words) Published: October 23, 2012
Benjamin Foster
Philosophy 101-501
In Brian Magee's " Story of Philosophy" he composed that Thales,the pre Socratic Greek philospher of Miletus and founder of Milesian school,taught that everything in nature is composed of one basic matter.Thales presumed that water the was the fundamental building block of all things and the Earth floated on water.In Joseph Carter's lecture he states that "Thales concluded that everything seem to need water,if not directly then indirectly,so water was the source of all things"(Phil 101-501 Delgado Community College Fall 2011).

It was thought by Thales that the Earth must be supported by water,since all lands are surrounded by water.He figured that all living things need a huge and constant intake of water to go on living. There are numerous facts that seem to back up Thales' theories.The human body is made up of 60 percent water( Story of Philosphy pg 13). The Earth is also made up of 71 percent water to surface area.Water at very high temperatures become air and at very low temperatures become rock( Story of Philosophy pg 13). Magee explained that Thales also observed and studied the world ,using direct obversation and reason to guide him on his quest for knowledge. He charted the stars,moon,and planets as well as using geometry and logical sequences to measure shadow lengths as a ratio of distances.

In conclussion, Thales theory that all things being water, comes from water, and will return to water,in that time frame seemed believable. These thougths were logical only because it couldnt be proven otherwise in that time frame.We now know that all material objects are reducible to energy and completely disproves Thales theory.Thales was one of the first philosphers and his therioes opened the doorway for other great thinkers to concede his thoughts and go further with their pursuit of wisdom.

Brian Magee,The Story of Philosophy,New York, DK Publishing,1998...
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