The Virtuous Man

Topics: Virtue, Morality, Human Pages: 3 (990 words) Published: November 15, 2013
A virtuous man is all that is good. He is a man who is responsible, who stays away from anything wrong or improper. One who is always humble regardless of where he is in his life. A person who makes it a goal to continue to learn and one who is loving and kind to all that he meets. When it comes to dealing with his family, government, and religion those qualities do not change and are immediately put into place. The virtuous mans attitude and behavior towards these three entities, family, government, and religion are strong and unchanging in his values as the virtuous man. Confucius said that virtue (or the man of virtue) is not left to stand alone. He who practices it will have neighbors.  This is direct evidence on how the virtuous mans behavior will correlate with his family and with his government and religion.  The virtuous man will never stand alone and will always have people surrounding him.  This is great evidence showing that the virtuous mans behavior will be positive towards those three entities.  Confucius also says that the virtuous man is driven by responsibility, the non-virtuous man is driven by profit.  Government and religion have much to do with responsibility again proving that the virtuous man has a positive relationship with his government and religion.

The Virtuous man is in good standing with his religion. He treats it as a very important entity and gives his life for it. One who is not virtuous has no right to practice religion and should not worship. Confucius shows us this as he states “A man who is not virtuous, what has he to do with worship? A man who is not virtuous, what has he to do with the music of the temple?”(Confucius, 11). As stated faith is very important to Confucius and for the virtuous man. Confucius states “A man who is without good faith - I do not know how he is to manage! How can a waggon without its yoke-bar for the ox, or a carriage without its collar-bar for the horses, be made to...
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