The waiting Room

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When I came to America, a friend of mine invited me to see her mother. I thought she lived in her house with her family; she was living in a place call "Nursing Home" or a "Covalence Home." I cannot accept how people forget about their parents and put them in a nursing home, specially after all the sacrifices they make for their children. Later, I had the opportunity to learn more about those places and also work in them. My work experience there was sad, and I found some reasons to not accept the nursing home. To describe it, it has many rooms; the colors blend smoothly with the carpets, walls, and furniture. In this place, each room has a functioning. It has a TV room, a beauty room, a small gym, a kitchen, and dinner room. We can find the residents’ bedrooms, in some rooms; two residents sleep and in others, only one. In their rooms, they have a chair, bathroom, and night table with a phone, letters, and their pictures. Their pictures represent memories that no one can ever take away. Those memories are their treasures and keep them alive. This is one of the reasons, many of the residents spend almost all day looking at their treasures, and I could see on their faces expressions of happiness and sadness at the same time. Residents try to decorate their space with many family pictures, frames, and ornaments; they want to make their room resemble their home. They show lack of affection, is another reason why I do not accept the nursing home. When I hugged these people, I could feel all of their emotions. They did not want to let go of me, or when I said good-bye, they got sad. However, to me they are and were like the grandparents that I never had. I see pass their anger, sadness, and loneliness. I try to transmit love to them through my hands, words, a rose, and or a hug; I felt so much love to give them. Unfortunately, my love was not enough. Lastly, in the nurse home, I saw many elders die alone; no one in their family was present and no one visited...
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