to what extent does language impact perception

Topics: Philosophy, Cognition, Ethics Pages: 2 (490 words) Published: May 1, 2014
Firstly, they have the rights to raise the child however they want, this does not mean that they love their child any less. Moreover, in their perspective they are doing this for the benefit of the child - they don't see anything wrong with it, instead they believe they are helping the child and that they are making the right decision. However, even though i support their decision, it does not mean that I would raise my child this way (this could be seen as normal/traditional or mainstream/not unique or creative.) This article relates to the following areas of knowledge: ethics, history, religious knowledge systems and human sciences. In my opinion, one of the most important areas of knowledge is ethics, because from what I can gather from most of the previous posts is 'to what extent is this ethical?' Many people think that it is not ethical to raise your child genderless because if God/destiny (or whatever you believe in) created you with a penis they should be raised as boys and the same goes for girls. Another important area of knowledge is religious knowledge systems because religion is an a key aspect in how it changes perspective, therefore it could lead to the decision making of raising your child genderless or not. Moreover, it could relate to the ways of of knowing: emotion reason and imagination. It relates to emotion and Storm's parents have made this decision due to how they FEEL about their child and how they want a better life for him/her. Furthermore, it could relate to imagination as raising your child genderless is not typically seen as 'normal' therefore it is a 'creative' way of raising your chid. This has raised the following knowledge issue: to what extent does religion influence perspective in decision making? I believe it has a great influence as religion very much means and has direct effect on the way you are raised therefore the things you believe in thus changing your perception of right and wrong having a great impact on decision...
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