Toyota Car Manufacturing

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Toyota Car Manufacturing
The owner and founder of Toyota is Sakichi Toyoda is born 1867, and In 1890 he invented the Toyoda wooden hand loom, Sakichi Toyoda in 1896 invented the power Loom, invents the circular Loom and in 1924 Sakichi Toyoda, invents toyoda Automatic Loom, Type G with Non- Stop shuttle-change motion, In 1926 Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, LTD now become Toyota Industries Corporation and established to manufacture and market Automatic Loom invented by Sakichi Toyota. In 1933 Automobile department set up to manufacture automobile and a proto type engine completed in 1934. The Toyota Precepts established in 1935 the first prototype of models A1 passenger car completed. In 1933 a Japanese man named Kiichiro Toyoda traveled to the United States, where he visited a number of automobile production plants. Upon his return to Japan, the young man established an automobile division within his father’s loom factory and in May 1935 produced his first prototype vehicle. General Motors and Ford already were operating assembly plants in Japan, but U.S. preeminence in the worldwide automotive industry did not deter Toyoda. This was not to be accomplished as easily as expected, however. Two years later, in 1949, Toyota suffered its first and only serious conflict between labor and management. Nearly four years had passed since the end of the war, but Japan’s economy was still in poor shape: goods and materials of all kinds were in short supply, inflation was rampant, and people in the cities were forced to trade their clothing and home furnishings for rice or potatoes to survive. That year the Japanese government took measures to control runaway inflation in ways that severely reduced consumer purchasing power and worsened the already severely depressed domestic automotive market. Japanese auto manufacturers found themselves unable to raise the funds needed to support their recovery efforts, for the new governmental policy had discontinued all financing from...
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