Toyota Management Planning

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Toyota Management Planning

In order to keep an organization flowing and to achieve the goals that are set-forth the management teams have to continually watch their planning processes. To make sure that nothing is missed in any of the steps the planning teams such as change management taking charge to monitor the growth is able to happen. For Toyota there have been some large changes going on over the past few years with the difficulties from the over-seas suppliers due to the tsunami then in the auto world there is always troubles that lie ahead with design changes and technology changes. Although the company in whole is not performing all that poorly with such difficult times they have had along with all the struggles the other automakers have had in the market.

Upon research for the Toyota Motor Company you will find that they are the largest automaker in the world followed by General Motors. Recently Toyota had made a very bold move on their planning side to be able to stay the largest automaker in the world. On March 6th 2013 the company appointed non-Japanese Executive to lead three out of its four global regions. It also appointed three outside members to its board of directors, including longtime former General Motors executive Mark Hogan (Snavely, 2013). This is the strategic and also tactical form of planning the short term being able to make the vehicles more intriguing along with making sure that Toyota stays in the eyes of the American consumers. Foreign auto makers tend to do this no matter where they come from because no matter what their mother-ship is in a different country not realizing what the true difference in design and passion is. Planning for growth such as theirs with long term customer retention is not always easily to be done with the poor quality from large and important recalls here in the United States. * Legal issues can stem from anything in the auto world, anything from large safety recalls to buy backs caused by not...
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