Trends of Society

Topics: Technology, Family, Science Pages: 2 (654 words) Published: January 27, 2006
"What are some of the trends in the contemporary society regarding the family, religion, and the emergence of new technologies?"
Many of the societies today have an opposite reflection from the traditional societies that once took place. Values have changed, morals have faded, and personal interests has increasingly become most important to most societies. Though the media contributes greatly to the selfish motives of societies, other factors like the families, religion, and current technologies has a big affect on them as well. Problems like drug use, estrangement, and crime, are weighing down societies more than ever. The trends of societies have developed due to the change of family lifestyles, the absence of religion, and the increasing dependency of new technology.

A change in family lifestyle and personal interest has caused people to grow closer towards peers and farther from their families. Many think it is because families are no longer traditional, but rather less meaningful. Dependency is probably the most important thing to a family in most societies, other than that each family member has their own interest instead of each other. A reason for this change could be the increasing rate of illegitimate births, dysfunctional families, and single-parent families. Another harsh reality that adds to this problem is that half of all marriages in America will end in divorce. Many believe that parents work more than spend time with their families and also that their personal lives get in the way of their families' significance. Since the tradition and meaning in the families of society has left, so has the roots, ethics, and values of the next generation.

A factor that has lead many to the feeling of alienation is the absence of religion. It is not the absence of religion in the individual that is the problem, it is the increasing absence of religion in the society that causes insensitivity and thoughtlessness. Though religion can provide guidance...
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