Troubleshooting Computer Hardware Appendix B

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Appendix B

Troubleshooting Computer Hardware

In this worksheet, you must identify solutions for three separate computer hardware problems. For each solution, you must prepare an answer of at least 150 words within each of the following Answer boxes.

Part One: Troubleshooting a Failed Boot
|Problem | |The computer fails to boot. | |Details | |Error messages and beeps occur during Power On Self Test (POST) startup. Note: You have not recently upgraded the memory. | |Question | |What are four possible sources for the error messages, and how do you troubleshoot them? | |Hint: You may look at Figure 3-45 in A+ Guide to Managing & Maintaining Your PC. | |Answer | |Four possible problems that could be indicated by error messages and beeps on POST include a dead CMOS battery, hard drive failure,| |video card problem or memory failure. These problems are also listed in the order of the easiest to the most difficult to fix. | | | |CMOS Battery – Power on the computer and press the required key (such as F2) that is required to enter the BIOS program. Upon | |entering the BIOS make a note of the settings, especially the date and time. If they are set at some point in the past it’s likely| |that the battery could be dead. Also, set the time, turn the PC off, and then reboot. If the time has reset then the battery is | |likely dead and should be replaced. | | | |Hard drive failure – If upon boot the screen indicates a message such as No Operating System found it’s likely the hard drive has a| |problem or is not being recognized. Check the BIOS to see if the correct drive type is listed. If not it’s likely the hard drive | |has a problem and a diagnostic tool provided by the manufacturer would be the best solution. | | | |Video card failures – If the computer has no video output check the connections and try the video card in another slot if possible.| |You can also try removing and reinserting the card to see if the machine will recognize it. | | | |Memory Error – Typically a series of beeps can indicate a problem here or some type of error message relating to a failure to read | |at a particular address. You can try removing the memory modules one or two at a time depending on the configuration and try | |booting with the memory in a different slot or without part of the memory to try and deduce which memory module may have failed. | | | |...
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