Ubuntu And African Philosophy

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African philosophy
African philosophy is a holistic philosophy which shares certain ideas with Buddhist philosophy: it stresses the importance of the human community and the community’s place in the Universe. In the following we are going to discuss the main idea of African philosophy and ubuntuism. Ubuntu is part of African philosophy, but it can be separately defined. African philosophy is philosophy produced by African people, philosophy which presents African worldviews, or philosophy that uses distinct African philosophical methods. One of the implicit assumptions of ethno philosophy is that a specific culture can have a philosophy that is not applicable and accessible to all peoples and cultures in the world, however this concept is disputed by traditional philosophers. In ethics and politics and epistemology, aesthetics and the whole host of other major subdivisions of the subject- concern questions about which many people in many cultures have talked and many , although substantially fewer, have written outside of the broad tradition of Western philosophy. The result is that while those methods of philosophy that have developed in the West through thoughtful analysis of texts are not found everywhere, we are likely to find in every human culture opinions about some of the major questions of Western philosophy. It is hard to say much about those opinions and discussions in places where they have not been written down. However, we are able to find some evidence of the character of these views in such areas as parts of sub-Saharan Africa where writing was introduced into oral cultures over the last few centuries. Ubuntuism

The central ethical idea in traditional African thought is Ubuntu. Comes from the word Bantu dialects of Africa. Ubuntu is usually translated into English as humanity. The idea of Ubuntu is related to human happiness, well-being, to express compassion, reciprocity, dignity, harmony and humanity in the interest of building and...
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