unit 38 Accounting

Topics: Macroeconomics, Monetary policy, Policy Pages: 4 (2180 words) Published: October 30, 2014
Unit 38 Business and the Economic EnvironmentLearner name Assessor nameSameeha Hussain/Antonio ZarroDate unit issuedUnit DeadlineDate unit submitted by student27/01/1419/04/14 Criteria referenceTo achieve the criteria the evidence must show that the learner is able toAsst Task no. Assessor initial date when metPASS CRITERIAP1 Explain the effects of changes in the economic environment on a selected business P2 Identify how government policies impact on a selected business P3 Identify the impact of government spending on a selected businessP4 Explain how both fiscal and monetary policy decisions have affected a selected businessP5 Describe the impact of international factors on a selected business M1 Analyse the implications of government policies for a selected businessM2 Analyse the effects of fiscal and monetary policies for a selected business in terms of the market it operates inM3 Assess the impact of changes in the global and European business environment on a selected businessD1 Evaluate the impact of changes in the economic environment on a selected businessD2 Suggest and justify elements of fiscal and monetary policies that would help a selected business achieve its objectives Learner declaration I certify that the work submitted for this assignment is my own and research sources are fully acknowledged. Learner signature Date LEARNING OUTCOMES On completion of this unit you should 1. Understand the impact on businesses of changes in the economic environment 2. Know how government spending impacts on businesses 3. Understand fiscal and monetary policies and the effects on spending 4. Know how the international economy affects UK businesses and competition. Assignment 1 Date issued27/01/14Deadline Date 10/02/14 Scenario This assignment requires you to consider the effects of a changing economy on a selected business. You will base your answer around a particular UK company...
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