Unit 6 True

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Unit 6 True/False Questions
Indicate whether the following statements are true or false on the student answer sheet.

1)SQL is the programming language used to manipulate data and data objects in a relational database management system. TRUE 2)SQL is a procedural language. FALSE
3)A declarative language is a language in which you tell the computer what to do not how. TRUE 4)DML, or Data Manipulation Language, contains all the commands for selecting and modifying data. TRUE 5)DDL, or Data Definition Language, contains all the commands for selecting and modifying data. FALSE 6)The * in SELECT * clause of an SQL statement is a wildcard for returning all columns in a table. TRUE 7)The DISTINCT keyword in a SELECT statement returns only unique rows. TRUE 8)The FROM keyword is used in a SELECT clause to determine which columns are included in the query. FALSE 9)An alias in SQL is a substitute name for a column or table. TRUE 10)When using an alias in SQL, the AS keyword is required. FALSE 11)By default, ORDER BY sorts a column in an ascending order. TRUE 12)DESC reverses the sort order of ORDER BY. TRUE

13)The WHERE clause is used to set criteria by which to filter which rows are returned or affected. TRUE 14)The LIKE keyword can be used with the '%' to search for patterns in character data. TRUE 15)The LIKE keyword can be used to search data with any kind of data type. TRUE 16)The BETWEEN keyword used in a criteria is inclusive of its boundary values. FALSE 17)When NULL is used as a criteria it can be accessed using operators such as = < >. TRUE
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