University or Work After Highschool

Topics: High school, Youth, Knowledge Pages: 2 (689 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Should Young People Go to University or Work
Some parents in Canada attach great importance to the education of their children and expect their children to receive a university degree in order to have a higher standard of employment. However, some young students believe that after graduating from high school, they are knowledgeable enough to enter the workplace and decide to not go to university. Although this debate between parents and children is very controversial, leaving university and starting to work is good for young people because they can earn money, become socially competent, and gain valuable work experience. On the contrary, opponents of skipping university to work argue that youth do not need to work to earn money because their parents will support and take care of them. Some others suggest that young people are not mature enough to deal with social evils, so they should not leave university too early. Some critics maintain that without attending university, young people will lack sufficient knowledge to survive in modern society. However, the advantages of leaving university to work far outweigh these concerns. One reason for leaving university and starting to work is to earn money. After the age of 18, most young people want to become independent and would like to leave their parents to start their own lives. Therefore, they need to earn money to pay their rent, bills, meals, and expenses. After young people earn money on their own, they will find that it is not easy to make money, so they learn how to budget. Furthermore, some young people may even need to be financially responsible for their family, so they have to start to work to ease the financial strain on their parents. Therefore, the counterargument that parents will always support and take care of their children is not valid. In addition to earning income, developing social skills from working is the second important reason. After entering the working environment, young people are able...
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