Urban Education

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Urban Education

With the growing count of people in suburban areas, cities are left with less money and aid to support its urban settings. The lack of financial support put the schools at a disadvantage; the schools averages are extremely low and the children, as well as parents, are frustrated with their current situation and the schools. On top of students’ lack of effort in school work, the schools are, many times, unable to better the students’ learning experience. The overlooked indicators of a school can range from a school’s level of safety, the cooperation of teachers and the relationship between a school and the parents it serves, are ignored all too often; these unnoticed factors vastly affect the schools chances of success. These minor issues impact the school’s ambiance, making it difficult for the children to learn. The school’s test scores, graduation rates, and drop-out rates should certainly be scrutinized, yet the school’s overall environment should be checked as well. The state of Illinois has taken quite well to the concept of enhancing the environment and has applied it to its most rambunctious and poorly rated schools. The Academy for Urban School Leadership (AUSL) has introduced the recently implemented initiative of Turnaround schools. The concept of Turnaround was founded in the 1990’s, but has been accepted by several areas, one such place being Chicago. Schools which have already received the Turnaround program have seen phenomenal academic results after as little as one year. The program not only affects the academics of the school, but it also places focus on social and behavioral support for the students. Turnaround places an expert, like a senior educator or social worker, in an intense consultancy with three schools over a three-year period and, in that time, the team partners with principals , creates sustainable new practices that produce a positive school culture, such as...
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