Use Of Technology

Topics: Technology, Science, Human Pages: 3 (1109 words) Published: November 8, 2013
 Science and Technology is the greatest achievement of humankind which can be used for the promotion and betterment of every individual and the community. It is great to use technology properly, with positive intentions making accessible everywhere for everybody. So in future, technology should be used in a planned and managed way, making accessible to all, and with progressive and productive aims.

Once upon a time in the world, before the early human civilization, there was not any technology developed and not any technological equipment were made by human being. With the time, gradually people searched and researched many things, discovered many new things, and invented many important useful things for the mankind. For instance. People used to travel place for which transportation is much important for travelers, so human invented many technologies and ways to transportation to make the travel much easier and convenient. At the beginning people made things which helped them to travel from one place to another in short distance, after that they invented things which helped to travel longer distance, and finally inventions were made which were helpful to travel around the world and out to the space. Therefore, technology developed gradually, one after another as people found it the most important and necessary for the human civilization and existence. In the same way, today’s science and Technology should be improved in order to promote and help our community and mankind of this world.

In the past, people worked hard with lots of difficulties and sufferings which compelled them to think about finding easy ways to make the work easier and faster in order to have comfortable life style. As a result this human search for finding easier ways for their better performance helped them to discover new inventions and ways of technology to put the devices together for mature living. Now it’s obvious, because of technology people can fly, they can stay in space as...
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