using technology in the classroom

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Using Technology in the Classroom

Technology has always been a major focus on This archive compiles many of the features we have done on the subject of using technology in the classroom. Many of these articles have been updated many times or even rewritten as technology changes. That said, due to the ever-changing nature of technology, there will be articles on this list that are a little past their prime period of usefullness. If there are any that you would like us to update or redo, please drop us a line. Social Networking Tips for Teachers

Social networking in the classroom? Absolutely, says Facebooks chief security officer Joe Sullivan. Its educational and safe -- if you follow the rules. Teaching? Learning? There's an "App" for That!

In Colleen Ruggieri's high school English class, kids use iPods for online research, to define words, listen to music of historical periods, and more. Fifth Graders Soar in the Blogosphere
Across the curriculum, Gillian Ryan asks her fifth graders to respond in writing to the topics they discuss -- whether in math, science, social studies, or language arts -- and their ideas become posts to classroom blogs. Podcasts Promote Reading

Librarian Malissia Bell has challenged students to create 500 podcasts describing their favorite books. Even parents and visitors are encouraged to record a review to add to the collection, which students use to identify great reads. Reaching for the Heart: Five Tips for District Communications Directors Today, press releases and strategic presentations to special groups are only a small part of the positive media attention thats possible. Learn how school districts can use social media tools to connect with the global audience, circumventing the traditional media to get the real story out there.

Eight Tips for Successful Online Course Facilitation
Learning is socialand online learning environments engage students in that way. But we have to be careful to avoid trying to engage students in online learning environments with face to face approaches. Who Is They?

There’s no simple resolution to the conflicting priorities between techs and educators, but I know this about making better policy decisions: the best rules and guidelines are those developed collaboratively. Practical Moodle Tips for Technology Administrators

How Moodle is used depends on your expertise in setting up Moodle for maximum educational use. Discover practical tips for enhancing Moodle for K-12 district use. Mobile Technology Goes to School
Matt Cooks fifth graders use cell phones to enhance learning and keep classroom doors open 24/7. Risks Involved in Integrating the Internet Into the K-12 Curriculum Let’s consider eight risks involved in integrating the Internet into the K-12 curriculum -- and some solutions and resources to help you minimize those risks. Moodle-izing Your Education Enterprise

Moodle is one of those technologies that can transform how you handle online professional development and student learning. Not All Who Twitter Are Twits
The concept behind Twitter is simple. You post short statements -- tweets -- about your current activities. Other Twitterers sign up to follow your tweets.

Five Lessons for Mobile Device Implementation
Because many school districts are just embarking on implementation of mobile devices, Ive provided five lessons that should be considered before implementation. Seven Brilliant Things Teachers Do With Technology

Here are seven technology practices that just make me marvel and feel proud to be a part of the profession. Which do you do? A Philosophy of Instructional Technology Use for Teaching and Learning. A pre-requisite for seamless integration of technology in the preK-12 classroom is well-trained teachers who understand how to use technology to improve the quality and effectiveness of education. Seven Stupid Mistakes Teachers Make With Technology

I see stupid acts and beliefs related to technology...
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