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A project report on
“To study Brand awareness and Brand equity of Volkswagen in surat city” For partial fulfillment of the requirement
For the degree of B.B.A programs
Prepared by:
Jainil Gajjar(116)
Under the guidance of:
Mr.Ojas Desai
Submitted to
B.R.C.M. College of Business Administration
Veer Narmad South Gujarat University,

I (Jainil Gajjar), take this opportunity to thank my guide Mr. Ojas Desai who assigned me this below mentioned project topic and helped me at every step during the preparation of the work of study “Brand awareness and Brand equity of Volkswagen in surat city”.I am here by, grateful to him. Writing this report appeared to be a great experience to me. It added a lot to my knowledge while I was working on this project. If I say that this project is one of my memorable experience in student life, than it would not be wrong. The project report could never been accomplished without the guidance and cooperation from my respected faculties. All the faculties have been a constant source of inspiration and I sincerely thank them for their suggestions and help to prepare this project. I am highly obliged to my support team, who helped me during the training period and cooperated in solving queries. I am very grateful to my college and all those who have directly or indirectly helped me to bring this effort to completion. Finally, it is my foremost duty to thank all my respondents, who helped me to complete my fieldwork, without whom this project was not possible.

I, Jainil Gajjar, declare that this project report entitled “Brand awareness and Brand equity of volswagen in surat city” is the result of my own work carried out during December to February 2012-2013 and has not been previously submitted to any other university or institute for any other purpose by me or by any other person. I will not use this project report in future to use as submission to any other university or institute without written permission of my guide. I also promise not to permit any other person to copy from this report in any form. If I am found or caught as defaulter of above declaration, I know that my present of future submissions may become invalid and/ or may not be permitted to appear in the final exam.

Jainil Gajjar


The title of the project is “A Study On Brand Awareness Of Volkswagen in Surat City”. This thesis work gives insights on future potential of cars in India and Surat in particular. Volkswagen has entered the Indian car market. There were already many players who had made their feets firm in the competitive market like India. Volkswagen is having 16 exclusive dealers in India and Volkswagen Surat is one among them.

The Objectives of the study are as follows:

Primary objectives

The main purpose for conducting this survey is to know Brand Awareness of Volkswagen in Surat city.

Secondary objectives

To get aware about how the Brand name influence the market capitalization of the product To see which factors people take care while making purchase of a car. To create Brand awareness about Volkswagen among the people. To know the customer preferences when it comes to Volkswagen. To know how consumer perceive Volkswagen as a brand.

The scope of the study includes all the walk-in customers of Volkswagen cars especially. The study focuses only on awareness of Volkswagen among the people of Surat city, it does not focus on issues related with price sensitivity, product quality etc of any cars. The study attempts to capture the views of the people for to know their preference for brand cars. In this Project, Descriptive research design has been used. Sampling design is stratified random sampling because a group of people from different areas of surat city are taken as respondents....
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