Value of Philosophy

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vCaitlin Romanowski
Philosophy 101
‘Value of Philosophy’
September 14, 2009

In the reading of ‘Value of Philosophy,’ Russell starts off by explaing the “practical man,” believes that, “the influence of science or of practical affairs, are inclined to doubt whether philosophy is anything better than innocent.” Russell is trying to explain that the “practical man” looks at the meaning of philosophy, and sees philosophy only in black and white, and when the “practical man” thinks about philosophy, they believe that “concerning which knowledge is impossible”. Russell goes on by explaining how physical science, is so far reached with inventions, it shows how it effect’s mankind, but, it does not belong to philosophy. Russell goes on by suggesting to understand philosophy; we all must free our minds of the prejudices of what we know of the “practical man.” This man is the one who only recognizes the materials he needs, only what he thinks is necessarily, “only food for his body”. But what is a necessity is to provide food for the mind. Russell goes on be saying, “It is exclusively among the goods of the mind that the value of philosophy is to be found; and only those who are not indifferent to these goods can be persuaded that the study of philosophy is not a waste of time.” This conveys that the person should not look at philosophy as just black and white, but to explore all the gray areas between them. Philosophy likes to aim towards knowledge, where the person understands that, “knowledge which gives unity and system to the body of the sciences, and the kind which results from a critical examination of the grounds of our convictions, prejudices, and beliefs. But it cannot be maintained that philosophy has had any very great measure of success in its attempts to provide definite answers to its questions”. Russell explains with how knowledge may not answer all the questions, but will help put you to ease. After reading Russell’s ‘Value of Philosophy’, I agree...
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