Victoria Secret : Keeping the Brand Hot

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Company Case Victoria's Secret Pink: Keeping the brand Hot

I) Analyze the buyer decision process of a typical Pink customer
The buyer decision process of a typical Pink customer can be split into five different stages, which can be found in the text studied. The first stage is for the buyer or to recognize the need for the product for instance in this case « lingerie ». Teens and tweens are the main targets for Pink's products ; they are in a hurry to change over to maturity in terms of what they wear and what they look like. With regards to Pink’s products, the young consumers recognize the need for women and more mature clothes from Pink’s store by means of external stimuli which their are driven by, due to advertisement (malls, television) or a word-of-mouth (friends). We can easily consider that external stimuli have nothing to do with that case since people do not particularly wear Pink's products not to be naked but rather for the fame.

Then, after recognizing the need, the individual (teens and tweens) has to search for information from many different places in the aim of finding or know the right place to buy the product. It is actually the amount of information needed in the buying process which will push the buyer into buying. This can be easily provided by external sources such as the Internet, television and women journals as Pink is widely known for selling the best women wear. Pink's products mainly take advantage of Victoria Secret brand as it is known of everybody, and can be seen in fashion places such as catwalks, fashion shows where buyers can gain knowledge of the product sold. Buyers can also be driven by internal sources such as their own experiences of Victoria Secret's product buyers. Thus, it can be said that information regarding Pink products can be easily found, in places devoted to fashion.

The next stage consists in the fact that the buyer has to identify and evaluate alternative sources due to a need of comparisons with...
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