Virtual Technology in 2020

Topics: Internet, World Wide Web, Technology Pages: 3 (923 words) Published: January 21, 2014
Virtual technology
Since the moment electricity was invented, mankind has been busy creating a virtual world around itself. We invented telephones to make it easier to get in touch with someone, radio to listen to the news, television to be entertained. In the future there will be increasingly more of these innovations that will make our lives easier as we spend less and less energy while still getting what we want.

Hybrid Technologies
As we’re already seeing today, conventional platforms such as the telephone, radio and television have all made their appearance in the virtual world. Although not disappearing, the platforms have merged to provide content through both platforms. Television broadcasters are distributing their goods through online platforms and shows are now available on not just a television, but can be viewed from computers, smartphones, and tablets as well. This trend of hybridization of technologies will continue to happen in the next decade because people are demanding this change to be able to consume content on demand, whenever and wherever. As a reaction, technology will change to meet this demand. Think of current day examples like increased data packages for your smartphone and the possibility to have internet on your television.

Physical to Digital
We’re finding new ways of managing our daily lives with virtual assistance. Think of doing your banking online or maintaining relationships through social networks. In the next decade we’ll be taking it even further than that. Already in development are ways to control your house via digital applications. We will be seeing more features that...
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