Vocabulary Building

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Vocabulary Building

1.)Tranquil : peaceful,calm
The house was once again tranquil after kids moved outside to play. 2.)Shrewd : keenwitted,intelligent,clever
She is shrewd about her investment.
3.)Tarnish : to dull or destroy the luster of anything
The scandal tarnished his reputation.
4.)Venal : open to bribery,mercenary
That judge is known for being venal.
5.)Espionage : the practice of spying
He was charged with several counts of espionage.
6.)Doom : to ruin,death
She told her the story of a mysterious creature who lures travellers to their doom.

7.)Insurgent : a person who revolt against civil authority or an established government. Insurgents are trying to gain control of country’s transportation system. 8.)Vociferate : shout,cry out

He can never seem to voice his opinions at a decent decibel level,so he has to vociferate. 9.)Tussle : hard struggle,fight
The suspect was arrested after tussle with security guard.
10.)Divulge : to make public,to make known
The company will not divulge its sales figures.
11.)Venture : to undertake risks and dangers
The company is venturing into computer software industry.
12.)Convoke : to call together to a meeting
The assembly was convoked for a special session.
13.)Sanguine : optimistic
He is sanguine about company’s future.
14.)Scion : Descendant
He is a scion of a powerful family.
15.)Usurp : to seize or exercise authority or possession wrongfully. Some people have accused city council members of trying to usurp mayor’s power. 16.)Mundane : of,relating to,characteristics of world

Prayer and meditation helped her put her mundane worries aside. 17.)Glint : to give off reflection in brilliant flashes
The sun glinted off the tops of the waves....
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