We Live We Die

Topics: Citizen Kane, Orson Welles, William Randolph Hearst Pages: 4 (1511 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Summary of the plot
Reflection 1
It's true a work of art. Citizen Kane was released in 1941 is one the most admired and highly recognized films in the history of modern cinema. It combined innovative cinematic techniques and excellent actors performance to produce this masterpiece which is not only directed and produced by Orson Welles, but also he is the star in this film. Citizen Kane can take the audience to a new level of understanding films with all it's depth, themes, and new proficiency in shooting films. One will never enjoy the film if has no knowledge of what the theme of Citizen Kane is about, or the significance of every setting that the films has created to reflect Citizen Kane's life at some point in his contreversial career life. The Film:

Citizen Kane was aimed to ruin William Randolph Hearst's reputation. I think that Orson Welles though alot about it before initiating a war against William Hearst and calculated it's consequences carefully, but he was WRONG!! what Welles tried to achieve is that taking Hearst out of his way so that he will become number one HollyWood icon and success is promising with greater scale. When hearst smelled the smoke of the fire that is going to burn his empire soon, he reacted solidly and tried his best to sabotage the film from doing what is meant to. Hearst tried shutting the film down, all his effort was somehow usefull in preventing Citizen Kane from destroying hearst's career.All of this turned out to be desrtuctive to Hearst and Welles.That what was called "The Battle over Citizen Kane", Charles Foster Kane was the characater of all the contreversy is all about. Another theme that the film adresses is wealth and power. Here we will be able to see the profound acting and filming script that is used in this film.Citizen Kane stresses in the fact that money alone don't bring happiness and joy to it's owener, it just expresses his taste and preferences for materialistic thing that has no value in the spiritual...
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