Week 3 Discussion

Topics: Psychology, Management, Business ethics Pages: 1 (344 words) Published: February 1, 2015
"Business Ethics and Ethical Reasoning"  Please respond to the following: Think back to a time when you had a supervisor or coworker who you believe made an unethical decision or exhibited unethical behavior. List at least two reasons why you think people are tempted to act unethically. Describe the most effective safe guards that you believe an organization can put into place to prevent unethical behavior within the organization. There was a time where I worked for a well-known fast-food place and the General Manager was known for her very unethical behavior. She spent most of her time yelling at employees and talking to managers about how every employee is a slacker and worthless. She even talked about managers to employees when they weren’t around. One reason why I feel it is easy to slip into unethical behavior is because we can become too comfortable in our position or work environment. When we feel that we are secure in our position it makes it easy to ignore proper practices at work, and fall into how we normally behave outside of work. Another reason is because past experiences. The way we were treated as an employee in the past can affect our management style later on. It can turn into a cycle of “Because I got it bad, everyone who works for me will get it bad too”. I feel the best safe guard against these behaviors would be a combination of things; the first being proper training. Setting up a good training course can really help break past behaviors as well as show managers there are many ethical ways to manage their employees. The next step should be to implement a program that hears the voices of employees as well as managers. A free speech report from each person in the company and their basic concerns and problems. The most continually voiced concerns should be looked into immediately. Lastly, if this manager is continuing to be a problem than the safest way to protect employees would be to let that manager go.
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