What Are the Effects of Technology Culture Today

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What are the Effects of Technology Culture Today?

Can a group of people change? Can an entire culture change for the better? These questions have yet to be answered. Some people would answer that our society is vastly different, and better, than it was two or three decades ago. Back then it was almost impossible to believe what we know is possible today. You would think that with our advanced technology and better education the United States would be a more intellectual place. It’s not. There are many people living here that can barely read or can’t read at all. Our world may be a better place with all the advancements we’ve made in our society, but intellectually we’re no better than we were decades ago. We have become too reliant on our own technology. It has become essential for our survival when it shouldn’t be. Technological advances mean nothing to our culture if we forget everything we can do without technology.

Technology has been both a blessing and a curse on the way we function as a whole. It has helped us to make advancements in science that we never thought were possible, but this came at a price. We understand the way the brain works better than we ever have before. This means nothing when “one-fifth of the population is illiterate” (Meredith). We may be smarter as a country, but as individuals we still know nothing. Geoffrey Meredith believes that although more people are getting degrees in college, most of them probably don’t even understand the words in front of them. The technology is doing the reading and the understanding for us. We take in more information than ever, but do we really understand what it’s saying to us? We need to read to understand how to use the technology given to us, but more people are finding that it isn’t essential because a lot of the time it is set up for you and you don’t really have to understand anything. Our society has become based on technology when it used to be based on literature. Technology has helped our education become more advanced as well. More people are graduating high school, going to college, starting careers, and having kids. Then those people are teaching their kids what it means to be an educated person. However, this might be as far as it gets when it comes to education. As Meredith states, “it’s likely to be the best educated that ever will be.” People are no longer learning to learn. They’re learning so that when they’re old enough they’ll get the best jobs that will pay the most money. It’s not learning if you don’t understand the meaning of what is being said to you. This problem can be applied to my life today, as well as other people’s lives.

I like to think that technology hasn’t affected me as much as everyone else. That can’t be true though because it seems like everything in today’s world is based on the newest technology. Growing up as a child, when the newest technology was still the very huge portable phone, I would always be reading and absorbing as much information and words as I could. I had always assumed that people knew what I knew but as I went farther along in school I understood that that assumption was wrong. While in school I used to be astounded when a classmate would be called on to read and they couldn’t pronounce some of the simplest words. I’ve grown used to this and it doesn’t amaze or surprise me anymore. This is the world that I’ve grown up in. People are doing more but understanding less. We are forgetting how to spell words and put sentences together cohesively so that they make sense. It may not shock me quite like it did when I was younger, but I still cannot fathom how some people can’t understand the simplest words or grasp a concept when it is right in front of them. I think that our world is definitely changing and advancing. The only problem with this is that as technology is progressing, we as a people are finding it hard just to keep up with and remember what we once were.

Right now we are at a...
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