What is philosophy?

Topics: Philosophy, Mind, Plato Pages: 3 (841 words) Published: October 12, 2014
As complex as the modern world has become, it seems unlikely that most of what surrounds us is actually the result of the ancient practice of philosophy. Everything from the structure of democratic governments to due process of law, from a physician’s Hippocratic Oath to computer software, has its roots in philosophy. Philosophy is an academic discipline that exercises reason and logic in an attempt to understand reality and answer fundamental questions about knowledge, life, morality and human nature. The ancient Greeks, who were among the first to practice philosophy, coined the term, which means “love of wisdom.” Those who study philosophy are called philosophers. Through the ages, philosophers have sought to answer such questions as, what is the meaning and purpose of life? How do we know what we know? Does God exist? What does it mean to possess consciousness? And, what is the value of morals? Nowadays usually such questions posed in a moment of quiet restlessness, at midnight, when there is no longer anything to ask. This is all that we ask for in order to make an opinion for ourselves, like a sort of "umbrella," which protects us from chaos. Before answering a question, the person thoroughly analyzes it to ensure it is clearly and properly defined. This helps narrow the path to the most precise answer. philosophy is the art of forming, inventing, and fabricating concepts. But the answer not only had to take note of the question, it had to determine its moment, its occasion and circumstances, its landscapes and personae, its conditions and unknowns. Simply, the time has come for us to ask what philosophy is. The object of philosophy is to create concepts that are always new. The philosopher is expert in concepts and in the lack of them. He knows which of them are not viable, which are arbitrary or inconsistent, which ones do not hold up for an instant. On the other hand, he also knows which are well formed and attest to a creation, however disturbing or...
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