Whose Life Is It Anyway?

Topics: Philosophy, Critical thinking, Ontology Pages: 2 (790 words) Published: February 18, 2007
Ken can't move… His career, his passion and his relationship to his girlfriend, depends on his ability to move. Kens situation is that, he is sentenced to be in a hospitals bed for the rest of his life. Looking at his previous life and how he is now, I understand his desire for taking his own life. Whatever he does, he can't practice his passion and live for what he appreciates. All he has left is his mind, a very well functioning mind actually. The fact that he is such a smart bloke means that he understands his situation; he is able to question it and a very articulate guy. I think that makes him capable of taking this decision.

I also respect Ken's decision because, he has no living relatives. Since he broke up with his girlfriend, he won't leave a lot of sorrow in connection with his death. In most cases, a decision of this kind would leave an arsenal of relatives and friends in pain. Normally, the patient would have to review this with all relatives. In Ken's case, this is not an issue. I think this makes his decision easier to make.

The Judge accepts Ken's request about having him discharged from the hospital. If you look at this case in it self (meaning you don't consider, what the law says or how many other suffering patients who would request a similar euthanasia), I think the verdict was right. Ken was not clinically depressed, he was depressed as a consequence of the car accident. The fact that he is not clinically depressed, means that he is capable of making a rational decision. This was the judge's argument for letting Ken be euthanized. This, plus the fact that he has no relatives, convinces me that the verdict was correct. If I was to look at the verdict, from a bigger perspective, I think there are more problems connected to this case. These problems put the judge in a difficult situation. Euthanasia is an extremely difficult discussion. In order to succeed an operation like this, you have to consider each case thoroughly. Critics claim that...
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