Worldview Paper

Topics: Philosophy, Religion, Metaphysics Pages: 2 (609 words) Published: October 24, 2010
Worldview Paper
Ja’Net Issoufou
Grand Canyon University
Phi 103-Intro to Philosophy and Ethics

In this life there are many different worldviews. Worldviews are shaped by a person’s upbringing, environment and perception of reality. According to Schneider (2004), “a worldviews a set of presuppositions …which we hold…about the basic makeup of the world.” A worldview can consist of religious beliefs, political affiliations, and personal views on life, love, family and friendship. Many argue that there are right worldviews and wrong worldviews. To put it simply, I believe there is no right or wrong, only a lack of logical reasoning in some cases.

According to Wilson (2010) Nash (1999) tells us that there are five major areas of worldviews and there are corresponding that treats the major areas of worldview: 1. Philosophical Theology (God), 2. Metaphysical (ultimate reality), 3. Epistemology (theory of knowledge), 4. Ethics (study of morality) and 5. Philosophical Anthropology (human nature). Philosophical Theology is the part of philosophy of religion and it develops and utilizes ways to understand doctrines or theological concepts through philosophy. Spiritual Theology consists of these views of God: 1. Theism-an infinite God is beyond and in the universe, 2. Atheism-God does not exist beyond the universe or in it, 3. Pantheism-God is the universe, 4. Panentheism-God is in the universe, 5. Deism-God is beyond the universe but not in it, 6. Finite godism-a finite God is beyond and in the universe, 7. Polytheism-There is more than one god in the universe.

Metaphysical is what has regarded as the key problem of the whole speculative field of philosophy (Wilson, 2010). Epistemology is the study or theory of knowledge (Wilson, 2010). Ethics is a major branch of philosophy, and is the study of value or quality. Philosophical Anthropology is the study of human nature (Wilson, 2010). All of these components are important and are what worldviews...

References: 1. Wilson,F., (2010).introduction to Philosophy and Ethics(PDF document). , Retrieved from
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