A good god

Topics: Philosophy, Good and evil, Metaphysics Pages: 1 (340 words) Published: March 2, 2014

The humorists

“A good god would exclude evil’’

Many philosophers including David Hume took many topics very serious. One of them was god. Could there possibly be a man so powerful and wise, but yet unfair enough to create a world so unbalanced, and evil? “The human mind is incapable of understanding the nature of god’’ (David Hume)

According to Hume the striving for survival; self-deprivation, the limited powers of all creatures to confront their problems, the laws of nature, and the weird events in nature are the four conditions or circumstances. If there is such perfect being as a god why not create the perfect world where there is no such thing as pain? He argues that instead there should always be the feeling of pleasure, and comfort. Why did he make accidents possible? Why do people have to go through such pain? Instead of tragic events he could interfere and save people from having to go through these kind of situations. There is so many evil souls roaming around hurting people, could he not avoid this? The world would have turned out so much better if god had made everyone good. Life would have been more peaceful, but is he even powerful enough to change any of this? Is he able to and not want to?

Also the limited powers of all creatures seems to be unfair. If god created this world why did he give animals more abilities that men could have used them more diligently? Perhaps he could have given men the complete power, and given them both intelligence and strength? Or why didn’t he make us all equal? Another argument David Hume makes is the extremes nature has caused. Why not just rain instead of hurricanes, hot instead of drought? Why does it always have to go to the extremes? Could he possibly have created this world this way to make us appreciate the good from the bad? Maybe to recognize the feeling of happiness after feeling unhappy. This is possibly the best explanation.
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