A Pediatrician’s Waiting Room

Topics: The Wall, Entertainment, Pediatrics Pages: 2 (547 words) Published: February 22, 2013
It is all too familiar to hear the words, “Please sign in and take a seat” upon entering a pediatrician’s office. Several office personnel are scurrying about with files in hands and answering telephone calls. As I take my seat my mind wonders. The aroma in the air is clean and sanitized while the noise level is high with all the commotion. The office staff is busy at the desk with registering people, getting insurance cards and co-pays. Some are taking telephone calls, making appointments and checking on referrals. The nurses, with a smile on their faces are calling patients back one at a time. Each of the staff members is wearing bright warm colors of scrubs. One has pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness, another has on sunshine yellow with monkeys, and a third has on sky blue with rainbows all over. The walls are painted with bright decorative murals of various animals. One wall has zebras, giraffes, and hippopotamuses to represent the jungle, while another represents the ocean with fish, shrimp, lobsters, and crabs. The third wall holds the wide screen television. There is a large fish tank full of colorful fish of all sizes built into the wall to divide the routine maintenance children from the sick children. The sick children waiting room has several children with sniffles and runny noses, many are coughing and one child is even sitting in his mothers lap asleep. One couple is discussing taking their children to the upcoming circus. A young mother is complaining she is missing work to be with her sick child. A father is trying his best to calm his crying infant that I can see doesn’t feel well. While in well child check up waiting room, the children are finding a variety of things to entertain themselves. There are parents discussing soccer practice, other parents are discussing the safety of children riding buses to and from school. Some of the parents are on their phones ignoring their children arguing over the toys. The older children are...
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