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Executive summary:
A project report containing the marketing research entitled “A study on Market potential for Toyota Etios car in Hubli city” A s a partial fulfillment of BBA course as per university curriculum this project report have been prepared. I got the opportunity to do my project at Shodha Toyota Motors Ltd. I have conducted a study on “A study on Market potential for Toyota Etios car in Hubli city”, for the period of 30 days. This project is partial fulfillment of requirement of BBA 6th semester in GLOBAL COLLEGE OF BUSINESS MANAGEMENT &IT, HUBLI During the course of my studies, I got a detailed information about Shodha Toyota Motors pvt ltd. It was an opportunity to learn the practical aspects of Industries. I choose this topic concerned to company requirements. Shodha Toyota is market leader in four wheeler segment. I collected the information by a structured questionnaire that includes requirements of consumer behavior in automobile industry & the questionnaire is attached in the annexure.

The aim of marketing is to meet and satisfy the needs and wants of the customers. India has long-term potential to become a significant vehicle market. It has huge population of nearly one billion people (of which 150-250 million are middle class), and a current vehicle population of 3.5 million (equivalent to only 3.4 cars per 1000 people). In spite of numerous market deterrents, the Indian automotive market has become the focus of attention as several major auto manufacturers have announced large capital investment plans to be carried out in the near future. Prior to the early 90‟s there were only four car companies manufacturing and selling cars in India. Foreign investment was effectively banned and foreign technology transfers were subject to government approvals. By 1993 the Indian government deli-censed the Indian car industry, which eased other foreign auto manufacture’s entry in to the market first under joint partnerships, then wholly owned subsidiaries. Currently, India is in the midst of an economic-recovery where vehicle sales rose 47 percent to 73,000units in March 2000, up from 49,410 units in March 1999. The Indian passenger car industry has grown more than ten times in the last ten years with sales increasing to more than 4lakh vehicle. The global automotive car market is growing at a rate of only 4% per annum.Fortunes of the automobile industry will continue to hinge on the large, price sensitive customer, who will take time to graduate to the higher end of the market. Unite then the small car will continue to drive demand. And that is the eventuality that most of the car-manufacturers are gearing up for.

The automobile sector has today become one of the vital areas in markets. Various upcoming features have enhanced the global competition in today's Automobile sector. Implementing new technologies, new features and considering the customers preference are the important factors for the company's existence in the competitive market. So if the company wants to face the competition, it has to have the update knowledge of the consumer tastes and preference. Our research is undertaken to study the market potential for Toyota Etios car in Hubli City.


During the 1920s, cars exhibited design refinements such as balloon tires, pressed-steel wheels, and four-wheel brakes. The origin of automobile is not certain. In this section of automobile history, we will only discuss about the phases of automobile in the development and modernization process since the first car was shipped to India. We will start automotive history from this point of time. The automobile industry has changed the way people live and work. The earliest of modern cars was manufactured in the year 1895. Shortly the first appearance of the car followed in India. As the century turned, three cars were imported in Mumbai (India). Within...

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